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Yamaha Tracer 9 / 9 GT Review

Yamaha Tracer 9 Review

About Yamaha Tracer

Yamaha Tracer 9 is the latest generation of the famous Yamaha Tracer 900, which continues the original Yamaha MT-09 Tracer. This bike became renowned for its reliability, simplicity, and comfort for long-distance trips. I will talk about Tracer 9 in this article, but it also means up-spec variations such as Tracer 9 GT and Tracer 9 GT +.

Yamaha has been in a sport-touring game for a long time. They were setting the bar for that segment in the early 80s. After that, all other Japanese manufacturers followed, and eventually, big names from Europe, such as BMW, also joined that race, introducing more luxurious versions for travelling. Historically, I was a Honda guy, but the Yamaha Fazer became one of my favourite bikes. The only problem I had with that motorcycle was that it was too aggressive.

First impression

When I tried the latest generation of Tracer 9, I was surprised with how well this motorcycle is balanced. It just has the right amount of everything. But more importantly, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Weight is somewhere down there. When you see a sport-tourer with bags and other touring accessories, you’d expect the bike to be bulky, at least when stationary, but that’s not the case with Tracer.

Yamaha Tracer 9 GT Review

The bike is so precise in everything you ask it to do. It rides on rails, the engine has Zero delay in response on your right wrist. The engine is super smooth and elastic. Suspension is not on the softest side but perfectly maintains road imperfections. 

What you get for your money

So, let’s see what is offered out of the box. Surprisingly, Tracer comes with a very generous package for the price asked. It has Cruise Control as standard, a centre stand, an adjustable screen and seat, adjustable suspension (manual or electronic), and LED lights. GT and GT+ variants come with a quick-shifter, heated grips and electronic suspension as standard, whereas GT+ has adaptive cruise control, a newer quick-shifter and a new dash with connectivity. But it doesn’t matter which variant you take; you have everything you need for commuting or travelling long distances. I compared all motorbikes in my video, which is available on YouTube.

I spent some time with this motorcycle riding in the mountains, on the highway, and travelling cross-country, and I was amazed by its performance. In upcoming articles, I will share with you my experience with the motorcycle. I will also share what I like and what I would improve. Also, I know for whom this bike is good.


When discussing competition to this bike, you’d think about the Ducati Multistrada, Honda NT1100, and maybe BMW F900XR. But BMW is not a sport-tourer, more like a commuter. The best competition will be the Triumph Tiger 900 GT. But I will talk more about competition in my following articles.

Yamaha Tracer 9 vs Triumph Tiger 900


My impression of Tracer is highly positive. This motorcycle is attractive to ride but has so much versatility you’d never think of. The bike has some elements that should be improved, but overall, I see much more on the positive side than on bits, which could be better.