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Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Review

Triumph Tiger Sport 660

About Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is one of the most awaited motorcycles in the Triumph lineup and, thus, the most popular bike in 2022. Some publications have recognised it as the motorcycle of the year, and there is a reason for that. Let’s look closely at the Tiger Sport 660 and why this bike is so good. Or is it?

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Review

Over the past few years, most motorcycle manufacturers have been chasing bigger-size bikes. It became evident that having a more extensive and more expensive bike is a prestigious trend. That’s why we can see that over the years, the BMW R1150GS became the R1300GS, the Honda Africa Twin 1000 became the 1100, and even the Triumph Tiger 800 platform transitioned to the 900 lineup. Of course, it is not only because a bigger bike = a better bike (that’s how people used to think), but also because of the latest emission regulations. You have to increase volume to keep up with better CO2 levels and not lose performance. Anyway, bikes have become bigger. But everyone needs to remember about smaller motorcycles, for the riders who want simple, lightweight, easy-to-use solutions. So that’s where Tiger Sport 660 came to shine.

Why does this bike exist?

The answer is simple. This sub-600cc category became almost non-existent over the past decade because of a demand for lightweight, versatile motorcycles. Triumph as a brand focused mostly on high-end motorcycles and aimed to compete with Brands such as BMW GS or Ducati. Those companies’ primary revenue stream comes from top-of-the-line motorcycles such as Ducati Multistrada or BMW R1250GS. But more and more people are getting into the motorcycle culture, and they all need simpler bikes than beefy tourers. Japanese Big Four have maintained this niche for several decades, and that’s where their main volume in sales is reflected. Say famous Yamaha MT-07 or Honda NC750. Those are the motorcycles that most beginners would buy. And Triumph wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. So following the success of the naked sibling – Trident 660, Tiger Sport 660 saw the light of the day.

I said many times that I wanted to repeat this. This is my favourite motorcycle in the sub-600cc category. Honestly, I have never ridden anything close to it. This bike has everything you need. A new generation of Triumph’s triple, modern design, premium feel, number of available accessories, and ultimate versatility. It makes this bike a sweet choice for anyone new to motorcycles or downsizing from something bigger. I would spend every day on this bike if that was not for my stature. I am too tall for it.
I was riding this motorcycle on highways, on twisty mountain roads. I took it to national parks and on multiple-day trips. It does it all. I know it looks sporty, but don’t be caught by it. It is comfortable. More comfortable than, say, BMW F900XR. It will also be more agile and easy to operate for ambler riders.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 in the mountains of Montenegro

Sport-Touring Motorcycle

This motorcycle falls under the Triumph Adventure categorisation, but that is, of course, a 100% road-focused motorcycle, the same as its bigger sibling – Tiger 850 Sport. So Triumph thought that this bike would be the first serious motorcycle for most users to take for a long trip. For most people who are downsizing, that could also be a bike for a weekend trip. They added a pannier mounting point as standard. For many motorcycles, in general, that is usually an extra accessory.

Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Accessories


What you can do with this bike? You can ride it in the city, but you can also load it with all possible luggage options and go for your first long trip. You can add a connectivity module, listen to music, or use turn-by-turn navigation. For shorter riders, a lower seat option will be a great addition to the bike, making it even more comfortable when stationary. You can add heated grips, but a heated seat is not an option for this motorcycle. In my future articles, I will focus more on areas where the motorcycle shines or could be better. Meanwhile, you can watch my YouTube channel for more detailed information on this motorcycle.