If you want to collaborate one of the following projects can be right for you

stoppie e-commerce
online shopping

Stoppie International is a set of e-commerce stores that are focused on selling automotive goods. Some of the subsidiaries are focused on Motorcycle apparel and safety solutions. Others are targeting parts and accessories from top car manufacturers.

stoppie motorcycles (Russia & CIS) | stoppie jdm (Japan & Worldwide)

stoppie digital

Stoppie Digital – is a marketing and IT agency, which provides innovative digital solutions for business development. We work across content management and production, integrations, and strategy implementation for businesses to grow.


stoppie pro
consulting & businessĀ development

Stoppie Pro is professional b2b services consulting agency. We are working on complete business development for your project or existing business. This is a set of services we can provide regarding company launch, structure definition, taxation, solutions, and everything else you need to set up and lead our business from A to Z.


stoppie travel

Stoppie travel offers authentic travel experiences for motorcycle enthusiasts. We organise trips all across the world with different levels of complexity. This gives a chance for you to test yourself through many challenges you might need in your life right now.



Mnetoday is a business networking company that aims to connect business and private investors and create successful collaborations. The main region of activity is Montenegro – a fast-growing economic destination in Europe.


soda estate
real estate & rentals

Soda Estate is a property management firm and real estate agency. We work with investors to maximise their returns on property investment while also organising luxury experiences for travellers seeking authentic experiences.