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When I first came to Montenegro over ten years ago, I didn’t appreciate the beauty of the country. This was because I arrived by plane and spent most of my time by the coast, relaxing by the sea. However, when I returned to Montenegro a few years later, this time on a motorcycle, I had a completely different experience. Riding my Honda BlackBird 1100xx, I explored Central Europe before deciding to travel down to Montenegro along the Croatian coast. This journey allowed me to escape, discover new destinations, meet new people, and, most importantly, change my perspective. Several years later, I want to share the wonders of this region with others, and this article is the first step towards achieving that goal.

Why Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful country in the Balkans, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and other countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Albania. Despite its stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage, travellers often overlook Montenegro. For motorcyclists, it is usually just a brief stopover on their way to Greece or Central Europe. However, one of the best things about Montenegro is its size. You can travel from the sunny coast to the mountains in just a few hours. Kotor Bay and Durmotor National Park are two of the most iconic locations in Montenegro, but the country has so much more to offer.

Living in Montenegro - kotor Bay

I am standing at Kotor Wall 10 years ago. Kotor Bay is behind my back.

Montenegro was a life-changing destination for me. When I arrived here and stayed for a while, I was seeking a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the financial district and busy office spaces. I spent a couple of years living and travelling around the Balkans on my motorcycle, visiting neighbouring countries such as Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. It was an eye-opening experience. You can go from sunny beaches to alpine-style mountains in just two hours or drive to the capital of a nearby country and enjoy the nightlife in a big city. Although these countries share a common past as part of Yugoslavia, each has its unique culture and lifestyle. When you travel from country to country, you may speak the same language, but you’ll meet different people and have a unique experience every time.

Why to visit Montenegro on a motorcycle

Travelling on a motorcycle is always a discovery for me. You have to be on your own to process the things you see, but simultaneously, you are with others when you experience something new. Montenegro and the Balkans, in general, are the perfect places to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of big cities, office workflows, or business meetings. It is where you can go back to basics, meet local people, embrace local culture, walk into the old towns, and not understand a single word in the local language. But that doesn’t make the experience any less exciting.

travelling on a motorcycle in the balkans and montenegro

Cloudy weather in Durmitor National Park in summer

Riding through Montenegro is another level of joy. This is because of the natural beauty you can see almost from every turn while riding the coastal roads or scenic serpentines. This country has enough to impress you. Starting on the coast, the famous Kotor Bay and Kotor Serpentine offer stunning views. There are also plenty of old Yugoslav backroads you can take to enjoy views of the Adriatic Sea. Moving to the north, you have access to Piva Lake, probably the biggest man-made lake in the Balkan area, and Durmitor National Park, which has the highest road in the region. Passing through the park is not possible until late May as it is covered with snow.

Montenegro bridges

The old Yugoslav bridge over the canyon

But that’s not all. An additional topic to highlight is the old Yugoslav roads. Those who are looking for an endless number of turns, bridges, and viewpoints will enjoy Montenegro one hundred percent. Most people expect to see bad roads in Montenegro, but they are surprised when they realize that it is not true. Montenegro’s road connections are probably the best in the region, which only adds to the joy of riding motorcycles here.

What to expect

I’ve been living in Montenegro for some time now, and I’ve had friends come to visit me. Every time we ride motorcycles together, they are impressed with the scenery, food, and hospitality of the locals. Montenegro is a small country that makes you feel at home, where everyone takes care of you.

I’ve always enjoyed riding motorcycles and wanted to connect with like-minded people. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized that having real connections with people, sitting by the fire, sharing moments, and talking about motorcycles was missing. That’s why I decided to launch Motorcycle Tours Montenegro, a project that offers motorcycle travel experiences for Montenegro and the Balkans.

We have prepared three types of motorcycle tours for you. The first tour is called “Montenegro 360” and is designed for people who want to spend 4-5 days exploring every region of Montenegro, from south to north. This tour focuses more on experiencing local cuisine, culture, and activities such as biking or hiking, rather than spending all the time riding motorcycles.

The second tour is The Grand Balkan Tour – for people who want to spend more time on the road and see the Balkan region, including a few countries. Depending on riding conditions and seasonality, our tours take 8-10 days.

The third type of tour we offer is custom or private motorcycle tours for Montenegro and the Balkans. These tours are designed for small groups or families who want to enjoy Montenegro privately. You can find all the information about our tours on our website.

Durmitor National Park motorcycle Tour

Riding Motorcycles in Durmitor National Park

I should mention that I personally designed all tours, but you won’t always ride with me. Sometimes, it can be someone else from our team. We want you to have an immersive experience of the Balkan region while riding a motorcycle, whether that is on a tour or rental. Yes, we also offer motorcycle rentals, but those are only for those who want to spend a few days on the road. We provide fully equipped motorcycles and digital maps for you to see the best of Montenegro.


If you have ever wanted to explore the Balkans and discover the hidden gems of Europe, joining one of our motorcycle tours is the best way to do it. We limit the number of tour participants to ensure a more personalized experience for each client. My team and I will do our best to accommodate you on this journey. We treat all our clients as we would our friends and ourselves, so you can be sure you’ll receive the best possible service.

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