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What would we remember Apple for in 2020?

Just yesterday, Apple held its latest presentation this year. They have presented the newest lineup of computers such as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. The main distinguishing characteristic in comparison to previous generations is the presence of the Apple Silicon M1 chip, which replaced Intel.

This is genuinely a long-awaited event for the company itself and all folks from the tech world. Apple has been known for its outstanding performance on their devices, which they can achieve by taking control over software and hardware sides. So far almost all devices from Apple lineup were powered by Apple Silicon Chips, while Mac computers still running on Intel processors. Which at some point, in my view became a bottleneck for the further development for apple.

Earlier this year, Apple has already announced that company plans to start producing its own computer chips based on Apple Silicon and make the transition from Intel over the upcoming years. Now we have the first generation of Apple Silicon chips called M1.

For the first time, a chip for a personal computer is made following the architecture of portable devices such as smartphones (iPhone) and tablets (iPad). Those been known as the leading and unbeatable gadgets in the market in recent years.

That radically changes the approach to hardware and software development. As well as transfers the user to a different level of comfort while working within the Apple ecosystem.

For example, users can now launch the same app on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers, which supports “anywhere operations” trend. Unification will help Apple to use the same chip amount all Mac computers with just slight modifications to make it easy to customer to choose from. This can be based solely on the type of tasks he wants to run. Same as Apple did with the latest iPhone generations – A13, A14 chips. Which also will lead to the ability to develop AI and ML functions among lineup with long time support for the yeats to come. Which is good for users who consider apple purchase as an investment and expect it to last them years.

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