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Key WWDC software trends the industry will follow

Early this week, Apple held WWDC conference where they presented the latest software developments for all of their devices and where they are heading to for the next 2-3 years. For me, it is the most important to see which trends Apple pushes because, with those trends, you can see what the whole industry is going to be working on. So here are seven trends which I can highlight:


Data privacy has been a big topic for the last five years. And apple says again and again that Apple users are protected whichever device or app they use. I believe this is a very important statement because many of us are not ready to share the data with third-party services, which eventually generate them revenue.


We now live in an era where the device itself is a platform for the whole range of other applications which make our experience different from anyone’s else. The highest level of satisfaction comes when you feel that it works in a way you like. Apple understands that and new iOS will be highly customisable, even more, it will adapt to your needs dynamically. Depending on the time of the day, calendar and all other aspects, it will adjust apps, messengers, screens to what you need the most.


Working with data is another trend. We send, receive, and create a lot of data these days. At some point, it is severe to structure this data, or even find something from the past. Apple says they take it even further and using AI and neural engine, they will organise the data in relevance to our needs and importance.


We are moving toward the voice era. And apple plays all around it. Siri becomes smarter; it is integrated into our routine, more and more apps and functions are supporting voice now. Voice will be everywhere in messengers, apps, build-in translation. Which will bring voice experience to a whole new level.

Communication and communities

Virtual communities are the trend for the past 15 years, and the major trend for the past five years. We can see it with introduction group messages such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram. Apple also sees this trend and introduces entirely new messages experience to support communities, which will be close to what networking looks offline.


This is one of the biggest trends for any tech company – to retain users within its own ecosystem. Everyone tries to keep their users within their network of apps and devices, and Apple is not exclusion. They have created one of the most reliable software solutions which provide a positive experience for every user. And now they make another step – integrating own processors to the MAC computers. For the past decade, Apple was operating on intel when all other devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) were using own -A- chips. Bringing this technology to MAC will allow to increase cross-device integration, completely protect user’s data, and simplify the way how apps are being developed for apple devices.

Cross platforms integration

Even though apple trying to keep all their users within their platforms and apps, they understand that for many of us is hard to move completely. That’s why for the first time they offer complete iOS/macOS Microsoft Office Package. Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, PP been essential for the business environment for decades. For Apple, it was hard to achieve and move users to numbers, pages, and keynotes. Also, the automotive industry becomes more tech, cars are more like devices these days, and using this as an opportunity Apple forces integration with global carmakers not only with Car Play but Car Key.

These are the main trends which I can highlight. We live in exciting times and the future is promising to be interesting.