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IT trends for the following decade

Hello everyone, I recently came back from Barcelona where I attended the IOT conference. This conference is all about technology trends on a global scale. There you can discover what transformations are going on in different industries, and where our world is heading. Today I want to tell you about several trends that are worth paying attention to.

1. Smart spaces.

It is all about smart offices, smart cities, smart homes and intelligent production. In other words, this is all that allows you to integrate your business into the IT infrastructure, and using the maximum of it to adjust the working/living environment to the needs of a particular user.

2. Connected devices.

This trend is related to all devices that we have today because they become all permanently connected to the Internet, which allows them to exchange with data. These solutions aim to improve our user experience.

3. Big data and analytics economy.

There is an expression that “big data is the gold of our time”, people who can collect large amounts of data, and most importantly, to process and convert it into a product, can benefit a lot. Today information is being collected from absolutely everywhere, and it is essential not only to aggregate it but to work with this information.

4. Peer to peer economy.

Today, many services are being provided by large companies, and ordinary users these services. The next step, let’s say, where the economy is modernizing, is when people will provide services to people. In principle, today it already exists in a certain sector, for example, in freelancing. Further developments will spread across industries.

5. Hyperpersonalization.

Hyper-personalization is more about how using big data we can maximize the product’s capabilities for every user. The idea is that different users can use the same product in different ways, take the iPhone as an example. Someone takes pictures and makes calls. Someone uses it very actively to surf across social networks; someone controls servers remotely from the same iPhone. These are entirely different uses of one product due to personalization.

6. Gamification.

This is perfect marketing tool—the story about how to involve users or customers as much as possible in using your product. Let them interact with your product/service to the point that they simply cannot imagine their life without your product or service. There is a very cool Japanese McDonald’s experience.

7. Economy of services instead of the economy of things.

If in today’s world we buy all things to use them, for example, washing machines, laptops and telephones, cars. In the future, the economy will be based on the fact that we will take all these goods for free. But at the same time, we will pay for use, precisely because all these devices can be connected to the Internet and can be remotely analyzed and tracked by the manufacturer. Based on this, it will be possible to pay accordingly for use and not for ownership.

You can learn more about these and other trends from my VIDEO ON YOUTUBE >>

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