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How Steve Jobs changed the cell phone market back in 2007?

Recently I got 2007 Forbes with a Nokia phone on its cover, and the question: “One billion customers – can anyone catch the cell phone king?”

This dropped me back for 13 years when back in 2007 when Nokia was a leader in cell phones. Nokia also was pioneering smartphones market those days. Sony Ericsson and Siemens were trying to follow in the smartphone game, but they both were using Symbian OS that Nokia had popularized.
It is close to what we have today – when Android devices are made by different manufacturers but still sharing the same OS.

Of course, those days we had devices such as PDAs, which at that time offered broader functionality than smartphones from Nokia, but they didn’t have the functionality of the phone. In other words, people often had to have two devices for a more or less complete set of tools for everyday tasks.

The same year when Forbes issue came out of printing house, Steve Jobs presented a new phone that was aiming to revolutionize the market of mobile devices.

A few years later, Nokia will Nokia disappear from the radar, and Apple to this day sets the pace in the market.
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