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BMW R1300GS – the hype which is real

BMW R1300GS Review

About BMW GS

It is no secret that BMW motorcycles are the pinnacle of the motorcycle industry. At least top-of-the-line bikes always make loud headliners and grab as much attention as possible. There are very few BMW motorcycles that make this brand extremely visible, and one of those motorcycles is the BMW GS. BMW was the brand which made its way to the adventure segment, and now you can see that most travel and rental agencies worldwide are using BMW as their travel machines. The most popular BMW motorcycle for the past decade was the R1200GS, followed by R1250GS, which became the most selling adventure motorcycle in the world. This is one of the most expensive motorcycles in the market, and it has been sold more than competitive bikes from Yamaha, Honda, and Ducati.

BMW R1300GS 2024 Review

The new GS

2023 was the year when the next generation of “Big GS” was announced. This presentation created a lot of controversy and discussions about why the previous generation is better or why people won’t upgrade. Some people are so used to the old design that they dislike what is coming. That primarily was related to the new headlight and slimmer design language. Other people were excited because it was finally a more “compact” motorcycle. Even though it is not actually, it looks that way. The previous design had been there for a decade and was extended in a tooth.

BMW R1300GS Off-road
New is always better, and people will get used to it over time. It is human nature to be comfortable with where they are, but eventually, they accept the change. The new bike has become more agile and modern; it targets a younger audience, and it will sell even better than the outgoing generation. It also has that much tech that other bikes cannot offer. Of course, there is less “connection” between the rider and the road and a lot of electronics, but that’s what premium users want. If they need something more straightforward, they have plenty of options for cheaper prices offered by the Japanese big four. But only a few bikes can provide that ultimate comfort and set of technology the new GS has.

What to expect?

BMW is famous for recall campaigns for their new bikes. I am sure the new generation won’t be excluded, but considering this is the next chapter in GS history, we expect to see it for the next 5-7 years, so bikes will only get better starting from the second year. Do I see any real competition for the new R1300GS? I do. Ducati and Triumph are still relevant and have their audience. But the new GS is undoubtedly one of a kind, just because of the travel spirit and the enormous community of travellers.

Riding BMW R1300GS Off-Road